Team Canvas

Organize goals, align purpose, resolve conflicts and build product culture

How to use this map

A well-functioning design team is crucial, if all of the customer and business concerns are to be effectively synthesized and included in the product. The most effective teams tend to be self-organizing in nature, nurture a sustainable creative culture, and have high performance standards; a mix of openness, shared purpose and mastery.

The Team Canvas helps teams acknowledge the individual knowledge, skills and roles that each member brings to the table, while also underscoring what is arguably more important: the values, needs and agreements that healthy teams share.

Questions prompting the use of this map:

  • Who are the people that need to be involved for this product to succeed? What are their talents?
  • Why are they involved? What is their shared purpose; how do they work together to deliver a strong value prop?
  • What do they need to know about each other in order to support one another, work as collaboratively as possible?
  • What rules, ceremonies and observations shall be maintained in order to work together effectively?
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